Fiscal Area

Specialists in advice and management on general taxation matters, transfer pricing (related-party transactions), contentious tax matters, direct taxes (Personal Income Tax, Tax on Assets, Corporate Income Tax) and indirect taxes (VAT, IGIC (Canaries General Indirect Tax) and Customs tariffs), local taxation and Special Regimes.

  • Tax and Accounting Advice and Planning
  • Business and Corporate Advice
  • Specialist Advisers for Travel Agencies (ACAV)
  • Restructuring of companies and assets
  • Fiscal Check-up: Diagnosis of the tax situation, risk assessment, and proposal of alternative solutions
  • Actions and Defence before the Tax Authorities
  • Related-Party Transactions: Reports on transfer prices
  • Succession of companies and assets
  • Inheritances and Successions
  • Tax returns: Personal income tax, corporate income tax, VAT, donations, Assets, Tax on increase in urban land value (IIVTNU), etc.
  • Tax and accounting consolidation of companies

Consultancy Area

Our team of consultants is made up of experts in management and business management, creation and investment in start-ups, managerial training, feasibility studies and methodologies.

We provide a qualified external viewpoint, which is essential for the owner of a company or family business, with security in negotiations and decision-making, as well as in the issues that most concern them, driving the effective achievement of daily tasks, in addition to the execution and study of new projects.

  • Management Support and outsourcing of Financial Management
  • Financial planning and cash flow management
  • Regular reports on the situation of the company and monitoring of its progress
  • Corporate relationship with financial institutions
  • Economic-financial study and analysis
  • Analysis and improvement of internal processes
  • Implementation of balanced scorecards and Management Control
  • Business valuations
  • Advice on the purchase and sale of companies and the management of these processes
  • Advice on the creation of corporate structures
  • Financial intermediaries for your financing needs
  • Search for and processing of institutional subsidies and grants
  • Negotiations with suppliers and public institutions
  • Management of debt refinancing
  • Advice in pre-insolvency situations