Civil Procedural Law

Defence and representation of individuals and legal entities in civil proceedings.

Legislative activity, a consequence of current political developments, has a direct impact on the need to constantly adapt civil and commercial proceedings. CLM ASESORES has professionals who specialise in civil proceedings and can offer advice from the perspective of the matter to be dealt with, and always consistent with the reality of the proceedings, generating greater reliability and control of these right from the start. The requirements and characteristics of civil proceedings require specialisation in matters such as:

  • Ordinary Proceedings.
  • Defence in banking enforcement actions.
  • Proceedings in defence of users and companies in banking matters.
  • Proceedings in defence of private interests in financial investments.
  • Oral proceedings.
  • Appeal proceedings in Civil and Commercial matters.
  • Cassation proceedings in Civil and Commercial matters.
  • Monitory proceedings.
  • Mediation activities.

Civil and Commercial Law

Legal advice to individuals and companies.

Focussing on preventive legal advice and in order to avoid lawsuits or risk situations, the Firm studies and advises on the repercussions deriving from the legal acts of individuals or companies. Permanent and immediate coordination with the tax department offers clients more comprehensive information so they may take the decisions most in line with their needs, in terms of what is both legally valid and fiscally optimal. To achieve this, the Civil and Commercial Law Department acts in the following matters:

  • Incorporation of companies.
  • Ordinary corporate acts.
  • Capital Increases and Reductions.
  • Mergers.
  • Demergers.
  • Acquisitions of companies.
  • Advice on Succession matters.
  • Preparation of Wills.
  • Assistance and coordination in Notary matters.
  • Business projections.
  • Advice on Real Estate matters.
  • Drafting of preparatory and final legal business documents.
  • Advice on Mortgage matters.
  • Coordination with Financial entities.

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy of individuals and legal entities.

With the sole aim of giving our clients comprehensive advice in the event of crisis situations, thus allowing them to trace or deal with company liquidations in an orderly manner, the Bankruptcy Department, in coordination with the Tax Department, offers preventive advice, drawing up feasibility plans and action protocols for companies, especially in the following areas:

  • Analysis of individual or business situations in each case.
  • Study of commercial, tax and accounting documentation.
  • Drafting of preliminary reports. Feasibility Plans and Action Protocols.
  • Preparation of Insolvency Proceedings.
  • Follow-up and intervention in all phases of the insolvency proceedings.
  • Defence in the bankruptcy assessment.
  • Legal assistance in any bankruptcy incident until its final resolution.
  • Post-bankruptcy advice. Update of Feasibility Plans. Follow-up with the client of the stages of the Bankruptcy Agreement.
  • Business and commercial operations parallel and ancillary to the insolvency proceedings.
  • Appearance, follow-up and actions in insolvency proceedings, in defence of the client’s standing.

Family Law

With extensive experience in the field of family law, motivated by the especially sensitive nature of the matter, the Family Department coordinates with psychology teams and clinics to try and find preventive solutions in order to avoid contentious proceedings. The full list of services we offer in this area includes:

  • Preliminary study of each situation.
  • Negotiations based on common interests.
  • Preparation and legal guidance in separation and divorce petitions.
  • Actions in Provisional Measures.
  • Preparation of Parental Plans and other complementary documentation for family proceedings.
  • Assistance in Mediation.
  • Filiation proceedings.

Labour Law

The Labour Law Department deals with and defends the interests of individuals and companies and offers essential coverage in this area for insolvency and commercial operations, within the framework of a global advisory service. Essentially it deals with matters of:

  • Collective labour agreements and company agreements.
  • Occupational risk prevention.
  • Labour disputes.
  • Employment contracts. (working conditions, substantial modifications of working conditions, disciplinary procedures).
  • Special employment contracts.
  • Procedures in Social Security matters.

Preparation of Expert Reports

Preparation of legal affidavits that may be requested by individuals, companies or legal professionals.

Criminal Law

In matters of both preventive and procedural criminal law, CLM ASESORES collaborates with the firm of the renowned criminal lawyer, Fermín Morales, through the Gabinete Jurídico Fermín Morales law firm, as an external partner.